Saturday, 7 November 2009

A Few Anticipated Problems

Hello fellow Bloggers.  I'm having a bit of a problem.  As some may recall here in New Zealand many of us in rural areas (even here just outside Napier) do not have broadband.  I can get dial-up but it tends to time out before I have downloaded any large blogs or photos.  So last year I got N Z Telecom mobile broadband which uses the mobile phone masts and network.  It's expensive but adequate.  Well almost adequate.  Unfortunately apart from the general slowness it is refusing to download some blogs which use large photos.  Heather's blog and Dawn Trader's picture blog are two which have just caused me problems this evening.

I haven't yet tried but I may also have problems with Soaring Through the World With Pictures

I know that Adrian uses mobile broadband but I suspect that he has stronger signals.  I have a constantly weak signal.  There's little I can do but please do be aware that just because I'm not commenting on your blogs doesn't mean that I'm not commenting and appreciating them.


  1. Oh, the broadband in New Zealand. Whatever shall we do, Graham?

    I wonder if you can read them through google reader? Have you tried that before?

  2. GB if I understand you right, you don't have quite as much problems with the blogs with medium-sized pictures? - like my Island of the Voices? That's still where I put most of my "events" photos. (Tell me if you're having problems with that one too because in that case I could try reducing the number of posts per page if that helps.)

  3. Not sure I could live somewhere with weak broadband. I would feel so lost. That would have to be in my top three list of requirements if I ever moved.

  4. I, for one, can totally sympathise - it's the pits!