Saturday, 14 November 2009

An Evening Stroll

On Thursday evening Catriona called to see if I would like to go for a walk with her and Wendy and, of course, Misty.  Yes.  It was a cold but lovely evening and a walk seemed like a very good idea.  It turned into more of a stroll than a walk but it was good fun if of limited exercise value.

Note for those with dial-up or slow broadband:  I have tried to limit the size of these photos whilst using the extra-large setting on Blogger.  There are, however, more photos than usual on this posting.  Please let me know if you have difficulty downloading it.

 I must look these up.  There's a clump down the drive

 A happy Catriona

 There's water in the lake again

 Why do children have the urge to pick animals up all the time?

   Paddling through the pondweed

 Keep away from our babies!

   Cormorants on a handy branch

 Fallen down a hole

 Oh that poo tasted so good!

A Paper Wasp in the agapanthus


  1. What great photos you have captured of an obviously wonderful time!!!
    The red flowers are glowing! Beautiful! (They remind me of the surprise lilies in my yard that bloomed in September.)
    Catriona looks like such a care-free, happy little girl!!! I hope that she can stay that way.
    (Children keep picking up the pets because they are CUDDLY!!!)
    ;^) (I guess it also gives them a sense of "ownership.")

  2. OH, GB- these are wonderful. I laughed out loud at the yummy poo comment :) - I love your granddaughters name, Catriona. It's so beautiful, as is she.

    I really do think that I am in love with New Zealand.

    Good to hear from you and see your photos :)

  3. Oh, yes...and the flower - is gorgeous, look similar to a lily of some sorts - but we have similar flowers here in Vermont that aren't lilies - which grow in wetter areas - but aren't quite as beautiful as this one. Beautiful!!

  4. Lovely and colourful photos...! As always it's hard for me to get it into my head in winter that it's summer on the opposite side of the earth! (I have friends in Australia too since many years so I ought to be used to the idea by now, but...) Thanks for sharing,

  5. what lovely photos. What is it with dogs eating poop? LOL

    Gill in Canada

  6. GB, I think the flowers are clivia. Are they just growing down the drive with no attention? Catriona looks so sparkly and happy! Love the cattle!

  7. Lovely pictures of Catriona. I used to know what those flowers were called but I've forgotteen (see previous posting....)

  8. Oh, there are some lovely and charming photos here.

    I really have to get a better camera and a lot more practice.

  9. Lovely pics.
    Alstromeria/Peruvian Lily perhaps?

  10. thanks for your visit!

    I like the poo comment also. dogs will do that!! yuck!

    love the shot of the long horn cattle. very cool.

    have a great weekend!!