Saturday, 28 November 2009

Dannevirke Revisited

Last November when we came to The Vets I wrote a post about Dannevirke where the tournament is held at the excellent Rangatira Croquet Club.  Today I will just add a few photos of the Town.

New Zealand's oldest provincial cinema established in 1918

The Public Trust Office which was a brothel briefly last year

A Chinese takeaway is pretty much the same the world over


  1. Dannevirke looks a nice, tidy town. The Public Trust office just doesn't cut it as a brothel to me. I remember the story but don't think I ever saw a photo of it before.

  2. I figured that name must have come from Danish settlers!
    How's the tournament going?

  3. Love the architecture on the Cinema...
    quite the parody on the Public Trust building...
    and it's interesting that there is Chinese take-out AND fish 'n' chips! What a combo!

  4. Just saying Hi - and that I loved the pics! Look at that sky!! It's cloudy here today, give my sunburn a chance to fade!