Monday, 9 November 2009

Before and After

Wee Misty has been clipped. She is no longer a furry rugby ball with legs!




  1. OH my goodness - that is a transformation. She looks like she feels as though she's on top of the world in the second photo :)

  2. Poor dog fancy giving it such a crop.
    was it in this condition when it met Mrs Smith in her trap. if so no wonder the horse did not scare. it did not know it was a dog. thought it was a mechanical yapping toy from china.

  3. I think Heather said it right. This dog looks overjoyed to be lighter!

  4. My brother's cairn terrier went through something similar this summer. He looked like a totally different dog. In fact our dad in one of his more confused moments was half about to dismiss him from the house, thinking it must be some other dog who had managed to slip in! (funny and not funny at the same time...)

  5. It's so funny to observe how the dogs react, having been to be clipped and groomed...sometimes they are so proud and prance around begging to be admired...and others...well, you can see the humiliation in their eyes and demeanor.
    I like my black schnauzer to be fluffy, (he's more like a teddy-bear) but then, it's very hard to keep him clean, as he is very much a DOG!) So, I have him groomed and he feels so much better when he's shaved---much like the second photo you posted...I try to shelter him from the laughter, but it's not always possible (especially if it's from me....)
    ;^) ;^) ;^)