Saturday, 31 October 2009

We Just Never Know

Some of the readers of this blog will already know that I had a really crappy first few days at the croquet tournament I am at in New Plymouth.  I have not played well.  I have not played to my handicap.  I have certainly not played well enough to be at an invitational representing some of the top players in the Country.  As I am supposed to be playing at such an invitational next week this is exceptionally worrying.  Today I have been playing to a higher standard but still not to the standard to which I had become accustomed.  Whether I will play in the invitational next week  or withdraw is something I will decide after my games tomorrow.

However all this has been put into perspective by the happenings of today off the croquet lawns.  One of the ladies with whom I have come to the tournament and with whom I am staying received a call this afternoon to say that her husband was critically ill and was being hellicoptered from Hawkes Bay hospital to Wellington for heart surgery following an aneurism.

So this evening Jayne and I are on our own.  In fact I'm finishing this in bed whilst Jayne is in the living room getting the rugby score on the TV and checking our Lotto  numbers.  We have three on the same line.  More than usual but not enough for any payout.  Ah well. 

So we've been chatting this evening about croquet, life, the universe and everything and trying to make sense of it all.  Of course we haven't managed any of that.  And now it's time for sleep.  Night night.


  1. Graham, so sorry to hear about your friend's husband. Also sorry to hear about the croquet not going so well, but as you say, in perspective... Wishing you a better day with better news tomorrow. (Mine has barely started yet, being 12 hrs behind you.)

  2. Oh, I hope everything gets better!

    I loved Papa (grandpa) had a set and he taught me (and my sister) in his backyard. We played every time we went there. It was something I shared with him.

    Sorry my vampire effects photo was the first thing you saw on my blog! LOL - picnik has such cool stuff, and I wanted to try it all. :)

  3. Tomorrow is another day.
    Our first couple of days camping were pretty crappy as well. By the end of the worst day, I just looked at Hubby and said, "tomorrow is another day." And it was. :)

  4. Hi GB, hope the news is good about your friends husband.... does put things into perspective rather.... be well.