Sunday, 4 January 2009

Wild Goats

When we went walking at Tangoio a few days ago we saw a herd of wild goats up on the hillside. Yesterday I saw a hare at fairly close quarters - a wonderful view with its long hind legs which made me realise just how large a hare can be.  Unfortunately I had no opportunity to get the camera open before it went.  Likewise when I was chatting to Sue on the phone yesterday morning a large female brown rat walked past my study window and was gone before the camera would switch on.  There was an advantage in the old mechanical cameras.


  1. Hello. After reading through "Twiglet" entries on Scriptor's blog, I had to come visit you. Your photo's show me life and beautiful country.

    {The horned terricorn, huh? hahaha}

    With appreciation,
    Miss Simply Heather

  2. Oh, God! Another female fan. How do you do it ? Replies in secret to my email address.

  3. Oops. Sorry Heather, I meant 'Oh gosh'.