Thursday, 1 January 2009

Te Ana Falls, Tangoio

On Tuesday Wendy and I went with the three youngest and a friend to the Tangoio Walkway about 10 minutes North of Napier on the Gisborne road. It was a very warm, though quite dull, afternoon but the children had a wonderful time in the pool and then whilst Wendy and I and Catriona walked up to the falls lookout (quite a steep and muddy walk) the boys did things that boys have always done in the stream leading from the pool ie made a dam and a fort and a lot of noise and so on.


  1. Wow, what a super spot.
    (P.S. Who timed the walking distances on the notice - a fit ranger or a hobbling great-granny?)

  2. The times were about right for a 64 year old not particularly fit chap with an arthritic knee who can walk reasonably quickly.