Sunday, 20 January 2008


In the last Posting I mentioned that I'd called in at Pak'n Save. We have three Supermarkets on the periphery of the centre of Napier. If you stand in the position where I took these photos this is the view that you get of each of them.You will note that the architectural merit of supermarkets in New Zealand is no better than that in countries everywhere that I have been.

I generally shop at Countdown because the layout suits me and the fruit and vegetables are better than Pak'n Save in my opinion. Pak'n Save has an excellent wine selection and is generally thought to be the cheapest in town and you don't have to wait at the checkouts in the way that you do at Countdown and Woolworths (although the times even there are short compared with a wait in a queue at the Coop in Stornoway). I'm not sure why I don't shop at Woolworths because, although it's the smallest of the supermarkets and the most expensive, it does have things the other shops do not stock.

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