Sunday, 13 January 2008

The Perfect Day?

Every day that we have should be the best that we can have. That will, of course, be entirely different for each one of us. An eminent jurist would be highly unlikely to have been satisfied with my day any more than a rabid Manchester United supporter might be. Our expectations will also be different at each point in our lives. Sorry. I didn't actually mean to start off with a pseudo-philosophical statement. The point is that I have just had what, for me and at this point in my life, was as perfect a day as it gets.

I was up at 0600. I read and sent emails and read and posted blog. I had a Croquet match at 0900. Two games won 7:3 7:1. They have to be replayed on Monday because we didn't play handicaps. Two 'friendly' matches followed. Then in the afternoon I played my first Association game where I was left largely to think for myself. I didn't win as such because the game didn't run its course but when it ended after 3 hours I had 11 hoops to my opponents 9.

After going to have late afternoon tea with a friend and getting some provisions at the supermarket I came home, had dinner, emailed and watched some television.

At 2330 Wendy and Martin popped down for a chat until 0130.

Yes. That's about as good as it gets and, frankly, if it never gets any better I shall be a very happy bunny. However sad you might consider me.

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