Tuesday, 1 January 2008

How Did You Spend Midnight?

At midnight I was standing in a queue for 20 minutes. I was at an open-air pop concert. I was wearing jeans and 'trainer' type shoes. I hadn't had an alcoholic beverage all evening. I could hardly have had a less GB style start to a year if I had tried. As all my friends know I hate queues, have never worn a pair of jeans (although at a friend's behest I bought a pair during 2007 for a specific purpose only to be told by a (nameless) friend and CJ that that the proposal would look terrible) nor owned a pair of trainers. Pop concerts are an unlikely venue for me although I've been to several in New Zealand with the family and friends and enjoyed them very much. No drink??

The reason I was in the queue was because I'd joined a (fairly short) queue 20 minutes before in 2007 to buy coffees. I was wearing jeans because it was a bitterly cold evening (after a very hot day) and I'd not thought to bring long pants and was wearing a pair of Martin's. I bought the trainer type shoes in The Warehouse (I must do a posting on New Zealand Institutions) for $20 to use on just such occasions. The last abberation was because of an alcohol ban in public places for the evening in, as far as I can work out, almost all of New Zealand.

Martin and I and the three boys had gone to the Pop Concert in the park at 2030. It started with a popular Wellington Group with two very good female leads. The rest of the evening was a Latin American band and six extremely energetic Salsa Dancers. Wendy was at their appartment looking after Catriona who had been really poorly all day and, in fact, had slept for 5 hours of it. Wendy had spent a hot summer's day of her holiday indoors reading a novel. At midnight there was, of course, the usual firework display. It was good and brought some oohs and aahs from the crowd although I think we are now fireworked out and more blasé about things unless they get more and more spectacular. The Stornoway display at New Year is much more spectacular which will, of course, have something to do with the setting as well.


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