Wednesday, 27 November 2013

It's Wednesday

Nothing unusual in that.  In fact it's usually Wednesday once week. I've sort have got used to that even though they come much faster than they used to.  

I was expecting to be playing in a tournament today. In fact I will not be playing until Friday. I have, however, spent the last two days and a couple of hours first thing this morning setting out lawns.  I will be doing the same tomorrow morning at crack of dawn.  Assuming, that is, that of the dawn actually does crack.  After five days of fabulous weather at the tournament last week in Dannevirke yesterday evening the heavens opened and they have been open ever since. I am really surprised that our lawns are playable. However I am at The Cottage up in the hills and the lawns are down near the sea where it's often drier even though it's not far away as the metaphorical crow flies. After the warmest November on record so far in New Zealand the temperature has now dropped here at The Cottage to 15°C.  The end of the nice weather was celebrated by a very spectacular thunder and lightning storm last evening.

I was out of Blogland for most of the time during the last week so I thought today I would catch up while I have the opportunity. I have done very little reading and might not get much opportunity because I have a visitor staying for the week playing in the tournament from today until Sunday evening. 

We had five glorious days in Dannevirke.  The Rangatira Croquet Club is a very hospitable place with 6 good lawns.  I managed a third in the Golf Croquet Level Singles.

One of the members has a Triumph 2500 TC vintage 1973.  It's still used as an everyday car and that day was being roped in to pull the trailer of grass cuttings.

On Saturday evening we ate at the RSA and Citizens Club (RSA = Returned Services Association = UK equivalent of the British Legion) and a few of us played snooker.  Judy and I played and one of us won on a black ball game.  It says something (though I'm not sure what) that I can't actually recall which of us it was!  It was a high scoring game though.


  1. I'm glad you are getting the rain although it never comes at just the right time. It's just started raining lightly here and we are praying that the heavens will open and save the turnip crop. Maybe too late. Good luck for Friday!

  2. It's good to be active and challenged all the time. What you're doing keeps you busy.

  3. You always sound incredibly busy! Don't you sometimes wish you could just sit... and do nothing? But I guess you would get bored rather quickly.
    It has snowed more over night, as I expected from the way the sky looked yesterday when I finished work. As far as I'm concerned, the snow could have waited until Christmas, and then be gone on the 1st of January, but it never does quite what I'd like best. Oh well, out come the boots and woolly hats!

    1. I don't think I've ever yet had any evidence of Graham "just sitting", Meike. Occasionally he might be caught "standing and staring" for a minute or two, though ;) (Yes Graham, that was meant to be a reference to the poem by W.H. Davies that you sometimes quote...) ♥

  4. Good to see you enjoying yet another summer.

  5. Wow, is it Wednesday again already???
    That croquet club looks like a ton of fun....continue to enjoy yourself.

  6. heerlijke dagen en jullie genieten er tenminste ook van mooi die triumph ziet er anders nog geweldig uit.

  7. Ah - there you are. As for the weather, it's been quite nice here. Would you like to come back?

    There are indeed a lot of Wednesdays...

  8. I THOUGHT it was a hot November! Hottest on record, you say, eh? I'm not surprised.
    Re. those images - they couldn't be anywhere else but New Zealand...