Wednesday, 15 October 2008


I am leaving Lewis on Monday 27th October.  I shall stay with John and Sue in Renfrew that night and depart late Tuesday afternoon 28th October for London Heathrow and the 2105 Air New Zealand flight from LHR to Auckland via Hong Kong.  I should arrive in Auckland at 1100 on Thursday 30th October.  How does the flight manage to take so long? Well, of course, it doesn't it's all to do with time zones and gaining 12 hours in the process - or will it be 11 or 13 hours? Who knows?  Who cares?  Everything is done in local time anyway.   It will be the first time that I've arrived in Auckland after 0600.

The last leg of the journey is from Auckland to Napier leaving at 1305 and arriving in Napier at 1405. 

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