Thursday, 17 November 2011

Thankful Thursday

It's been a long day.  Gareth (Gaz) and Carol arrived last evening and it's been pretty full on relaxing and showing them the delights of Napier that I've come to accept as my life.  It seems to be that when one lives in a place all of a sudden it becomes quite ordinary even though one knows that it has so much to offer and so much of interest.  Of course I had to show them the delights of croquet this morning and the ladies of the Club in particular delighted in taking them under their collective wings.  At least when I am talking about croquet they now know what it is that I'm rambling on about it.  I think they quite enjoyed it too.

Carol and Gaz with the camper van in which they are touring New Zealand
Don't ask!
So today I'm thankful that I have my son and his girlfriend visiting.


  1. This explains the dearth of images...Nice van.

  2. I understand that you're delighted to have them with you! ;)

    I think some time you should take your camera on a walk around town in Napier, because really, you have not been showing a whole lot of photos of 'your' town. (Maybe you did when it was new to you, but you've gained several new followers since then.)

  3. I agree with Monica. Would be good to see some shots of Napier, so much to choose from.

    Oh, happy for you that you have Gaz and Carol with you.

  4. I totally "get" your comment about living somewhere long enough for it to become ordinary. Living in Santa Cruz, CA most of my life was like that. I understood and appreciated living there, but didn't always see it with new eyes.
    So happy they are there with you.
    I'm sure they're having a blast in that van! Great way to explore!