Saturday, 13 November 2010

Young Tearaways!

Youngsters riding quad bikes and trial bikes in the countryside here is NZ is usual and quite common.  But I still find it amusing when a couple of children of one of the neighbours (whose house is completely hidden from me) race around the orchard with apparently considerable skill and at quite a pace considering the youngest is probably only just at school or possibly at pre-school.


  1. They look like fun and probably are, but I see there were incidents involving farm quads and children recently. when I was teaching in a small rural school we had several "safety awareness" groups come and talk to kids about the dangers.
    I realise it is part of the farming culture, my husband grew up in this environment and the pleasures and dangers this lifestyle brings.
    I have mixed feelings.

  2. I see you have your own revheads there! That little yellow bike looks just like Shayde's first bike.

  3. Exposure at a young age produces amazing results! Look at computers! Most little kids are probably more comfortable on the internet than we are. Hahaha!
    Balance in everything, right?

  4. My next door neighbors have 3 boys under the age of 10. There are almost always at least 3 more boys visiting. There are bicycles and 4-wheel motorbikes and all kinds of boy-toys involved. Last Sunday I drove across the bridge to my parent's house and looked down the creek. It was a chilly day. One of the little guys was in his swim trunks and out in the water up to his thighs. They have the most "boy-ish" characteristics I've ever seen!

  5. Good to see. Where future champions come from. NIMBY.....qualifies this comment.

  6. Jaz: I have a friend in Northland whose grandchildren are complete petrolheads. The 12 year old is proposing to teach me how to drive a quad (actually I can drive one but she doesn't know that).

    Pauline: I think Shayde will be wanting a full trial bike soon.

    Lisa: So true.

    Cynthia: At least two of them are girls!

    Adrian: There's enough quiet here to absorb the occasional petrolhead and they are so much fun furiously racing at that age.