Tuesday, 23 November 2010

We Eat How Many?

Someone on the television or radio a few days ago said that the average person (I'd love to meet that person some time) eats 8 spiders during their lifetime when they are asleep.  Well when I was making my bed this morning I found a spider under my pillow.  Fortunately I'm not an arachnophobe  but it still wasn't a pleasant experience.  But I played the Glad Game.  At least I hadn't eaten that one!


  1. What a ridiculous statistic! How can anyone know how many spiders we eat in our sleep? What kind of person watches people sleeping, and then doesn't waken them up when they're about to eat a spider ? Anyway, what is an 'average person'?

  2. I'm with Marcel................how on earth did they work that one out?

    I don't mind spiders too much. But I guess if I had to eat one it would be preferable to be asleep.

    eeeeewwwwwwwwww GB!

    The glad game works though doesn't it................

  3. I must lend you "The Average Life of the Average Person". It's hilarious!

  4. Does the average person return books they've been loaned/lent?

  5. Um, that person is obviously really disturbed! Paranoid?
    I have on occasion awoke to a stray dog hair in my mouth! Yuck!

  6. You think you escaped.........There were two when you went to sleep.

  7. PS mean but one has to keep up the means.

  8. Suddenly the snowstorm outside my windows seems almost cosy.

  9. Marcel: I agree whoever worked that out needed something more important to do - like cross-words or Sudoku.

    Jaz: Yes being asleep would be preferable but I think I'll be wearing a mask in future just in case!

    CJ: I look forward ro "The Average Life of the Average Person" with great curiosity.

    Lisa: I thought I'd inhaled a dog hair a few years ago. The medical investigations were worse than the hair (that wasn't there anyway!).

    Adrian: Thanks a bunch. That really makes me feel better and secure. See also answer to Jaz above.

    Monica: Yep. You've got a point there.