Thursday, 4 November 2010

Of Dishwashers and Asparagus Soup

I knew that I shouldn't have come to bed to write this post.  I have been programmed for so many years of living on my own that bed = sleep that I can't break the habit.  I used to stay up 'till 1 and 2 am with no problem but get me into bed at midnight and I just fall asleep.  Well I do these days.  And it's nothing to do with advancing years.  Mind you all the fresh air on the croquet lawns might be a contributory factor.  Oh and the title?  The dishwasher broke down this evening and I made a pan of asparagus soup for my visitors arriving on Friday.  The good news is that Martin mended the dishwasher whilst I made the soup.  

The Goldfinches have been feasting outside The Cottage

 We had some sun today!  Here's the proof.  I also marvelled at all the different greens.

As always I'm in search of the perfect picture of an Australasian Harrier in flight - a long way to go but this one's been circling round overhead since I returned.

I'm adding this because I liked it!


  1. The washing on the line, you watching the birds, and the birds watching you... All seem to be right with the world at your upside-down end of it! (At this end: Storm and rain and bare branches against ominous gray skies...)

  2. Graham, it's such a pleasure to have you back in New Zealand - I absolutely love your views there ♥

  3. Looks like a wonderful day! My mouth dropped at the goldfinch! So colorful! Ours here are yellow and black.

  4. Your little goldfinch in lovely - a great shot.

    Glad to see you have another two good photos to add to your harrier collection. Very obliging of it to hover over you showing you the pattern on its underwings.

    And, yes, I'm always captivated by the different shades of green in NZ, too!

  5. Keep them coming, nice to see some good weather. The Harrier is an impressive bird. Keep you out of mischief getting a perfect shot of that.

  6. Wow - that first of the Harrier pictures is first class. I've photographed plenty of Buzzard and Kestrels but cannot recall getting one with its wing feathers so clear.