Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Notes To Myself

Weather and washing: Never trust a lightening sky! Even in New Zealand. Of course I'd never trust any sky in Scotland. Everyone except hillwalkers who wear high heels knows that the weather in Scotland changes faster than the time it takes to open the picnic basket. But in Hawkes Bay one expects a lighter sky to herald sun. Well not this morning. It's been raining a lot of the time since I arrived back. This morning the forecast was for showers clearing by lunchtime. I was over-optimistic. Well, I usually am in most walks of life. I hung the washing out and made myself a coffee. I'd completed two clues in the cross-word when I heard an ominous drumming on the roof of the deck. Monsoon rain! Ah well. I don't need anything that's on the line this week anyway.

So that's where that is! Never assume things are where you think they are. The number of times I've looked for things when I was in Eagleton and not been able to find them is uncountable. Since I arrived back here I've found a syringe that I 'knew' was in a particular cupboard in Eagleton, two books I was certain I'd taken back to the UK, a tape measure I'd spent ages looking for one day and I've realised that the phone charger I had here couldn't possible have been because I didn't buy the phone until I was back in Scotland last April when Gaz collected me from Glasgow Airport. Ho hum.

Too cryptic: Never write cryptic notes to oneself. When I woke in the middle of the night a few nights ago and wrote three A4 pages of notes to myself many of them were cryptic. One, however, read 'Woke snored - welding a large pole to keep things - thoughts - ugly things away from me.' Assuming that I was awake when I wrote those words I must either have been in an exceptionally inventive frame of mind or I must have been thinking gibberish as well as writing it.


  1. I see you're living by the command "do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing" ;)

    Thanks for sharing your nightly notes, they gave me the laugh of the day! (PS. When I find cryptic notes like that in my notepad... It's usually notes to remind myself of some crazy dream...)

  2. Sounds like living in two countries just doubles the memory problems. I best sit tight then!

    As for the cryptic note. Sounds like me reading back through old diaries and wondering what the hell happened that day!

    Hope the weather is better today! Lovely here although it very obligingly rained during the night.

  3. Ah, the number of times I have spent hours trying to work out what one of those cryptic notes meant - often without success. And they always seem to have been important at the time.