Monday, 29 November 2010

I Considered Modesty

but then decided wotthehellarchiewotthehell.   I've just had an excellent tournament and why shouldn't I be proud of the achievement?  I may have told you before about Miss Twomey who was the Headmistress of the Prep School to which CJ and I went and who, when I was 5,  stressed in one lesson that pride was one of the seven deadly sins and then in the next told us that we should have pride in our work. When I queried this (which, as a five year old, seemed to me to be completely incomprehensible) I was told off for being insolent (or whatever it was I was supposed to have been).   After that I always thought that Miss Twomey was logically challenged.

Anyway I played in three events at the Tournament:  Handicap Association Croquet Singles,  Handicap Golf Croquet Doubles and Championship Golf Croquet Singles.  I enjoyed the first two events and learned a few things at the first event.  I won the Championship event beating a few pretty good players along the way (and, in turn, suffering an occasional defeat by players whom I might have been expected to beat).

All in all it was a great time away.  the Rangitira Club in Dannevirke is an absolutely wonderful facility and the players are excellent hosts.  However there are so few of them the Club may not survive another year.  That would be so so sad.


  1. And why shouldn't you be pleased with yourself? Well done that man.

  2. Well done you! I think that in this case you can rightly take pride in your work... :)

    Btw the Swedish word for pride has the same double connotations. Come to think of it, it is used both ways in the Bible as well. I can't remember giving it much thought at the age of five; but then I don't think anyone really confronted me with a list of the seven deadly sins at that age. Or at any other age for that matter.

  3. Lions are proud, must be they live in prides so why shouldn't you be?
    Well are a geriatric lion.

  4. Congrats to you!!!...Pish-posh to Miss Twomey...
    I heard a comedian once say that the members of his church patted him on the back for being soooooo humble...then, they awarded him with a "Humble" button to pin on his jacket. He was VERY proud of his "Humble" button.