Sunday, 21 November 2010

A Branch in The Sea

When we were at Waipatiki there was a  piece of tree washing up on the beach moving in and out with the waves.  I became fascinated by it and decided that I really had to try and get the photo that gave me the most satisfaction.  In fact I took 68 pictures.  Each time I was looking for something slightly different but in actual fact only once did I actually know what I wanted to achieve and that was in this picture:

where I managed a continuous line between the cliff and the tree branch whilst also getting the wave coming in and about to move it again.

I rather liked these two as well:


  1. My favourite among threse three is the middle one. It's got a lot of dynamic going on with the clouds and the waves and those curved lines where the water meets the beach.

  2. A beautiful bit of composition in te middle one.

  3. LOOK AT THE COLOR OF THAT WATER!!!! Gorgeous photos! The ocean water here is rather green and somewhat muddied when the waves break. But then in Monterey, you know how clear that water is.
    I think my favorite is the third one. There is something really fluid-y about it. Is that weird?

  4. I want to be that branch :) These photos are so extremely refreshing, as I sit in my warm coziness with the woodstove.

  5. They were worth the wait. From a certain angle as it washed around I thought it looked a bit monster-ish with a gaping mouth but my photos are nowhere near as good as these! (And no sign of the monster either!)