Saturday, 1 May 2010

Matakana Market Band

When Pauline, Twink and I went to the Matakana Farmers’ Market there was a band.  It was a most interesting band.  Apart from being very competent musicians playing appropriately good music, I found the characters themselves of considerable interest.  I just love faces of character:

DSC08037 Contemplation

DSC08040 A man at peace with himself

DSC08049 And suddenly alive (Oddly I found his electric guitar rather at odds with his apparent persona)

DSC08048In full swing

DSC08054 And a smiling Twink looks on.

Thanks Twink for your hospitality and introducing me to the Garage Sale and the Matakana market scene!


  1. Love that first shot, and I see what you mean about the electric guitar. Somehow it doesn't fit. :)

  2. Oh oh, you could be in trouble, GB! I love that shot of Twink but she may not, she rarely approves of photos of herself. You will have to take my approach and tell her there's nothing wrong with the photo, it's just the subject! Seriously, though, I think it's a lovely photo of her. And I agree with you about that man's face. I took photos of him, too.

  3. Oh, yes! Full of character...(and a little spit and vinegar!)