Monday, 16 February 2009

Whales Teeth

One of the things which seems to characterise New Zealand is the attention to street furniture and street art. In the main street in Gisborne are, amongst many other things, two replicas of decorated whale's teeth (called scrimshaw). They are at either end of a pedestrian crossing which traverses the street.


  1. Well..for some reason my comment didn't post...hmpf!

    Anyway...I followed the link out of curiousity. I recall my uncle purchasing these types of carvings when stationed in Alaska, years ago. What I didn't know was how extremely large whales teeth were.

    These are huge and opens my eyes to see my size a bit differently :o).

  2. We still have the whale's tooth that kept our bedroom door ajar! It now serves the same purpose when we want to stop the kitchen door from closing. Not quite as big as those replicas! Must blog it sometime.

  3. New Zealand is so open and artistic. Painted buildings, street art, sculptures... It looks like a wonderful place.