Monday, 2 February 2009

A Wall of Children's Faces

I think this is brilliant. I was shown a wall today. It was executed for the Millenium. On it is hundreds of tiles: each one of which is painted with a face. Every child in the City was asked to paint a self-portrait. They are the faces on the wall; the faces of Gisborne's future.


  1. Brilliant. One year Richard's school did a tea cloth of self portraits. I must hunt it out and blog it.

  2. Terrific idea. When I was at school, the children all did self portraits - but what was worse, they also did a drawing of how individual members of staff should look!!!! Pictures of all children and staff - with names underneath - were then printed onto tea towels. There was no escape! We made a fortune for school that year!

  3. I remember drawing pictures for a tea towel in second grade. Painting a picture of each child in the city is brilliant!

  4. Wonderful! Each child's heart must have been filled with excitement as they created these, knowing they'd be displayed this way. What encouragment for their future this is.

    Picture them walking by this wall some day as they feel they don't matter...I hope it sparks hope into their soul, in the same was that it places appreciation into ours.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful findings with us, GB. Thank you..thank you.