Thursday, 5 February 2009

A Walk on a Beach

Yesterday I set off on a walk along Midway and Waikanae Beaches (two of Gisborne's fabulous selection). Mike and Sandra dropped me off after we had been to Matawhero Church. They were going to pick me up at Gisborne Harbour after they had been to church. Anyway they decided once they had dropped me that Mike would accompany me and Sandra would take the car to the meeting point. So as I walked barefoot through the water I was suddenly joined by Mike. Whilst walking and experiencing beauty is a pleasurable pastime on one's own it is so often better to have someone with whom to share the moment and the memory. And so it was.

Green-lipped mussel shell (above) Pipi (below)

Looking South down Midway Beach

Mike walking North towards Gisborne (Mike and Sandra live on the headland in the distance)



Going hither and thither

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  1. Great photos as always. Ironic that the last time you and I walked along a beach was British summer and we had half a ton of clothing on despite the sunshine!