Friday, 13 February 2009

An Unusual Sight

We drove over from Napier this afternoon. The weather was not at its kindest and we had a great deal of rain. A very welcome rain so far as the farmers were concerned. Unusual so far as I am concerned in New Zealand. I'd rather that it didn't rain when we get on the lawns tomorrow. We'll see. I'm in Marton between Palmerston North and Wanganui. Tomorrow we have an Association Tournament.


  1. GB, the most unusual sight for me to see in these photos are the vehicles in the other lane coming toward you from the "wrong" side of the road :o)

    I know that's not the "wrong" side of the road for you, but to me it's quite unusual; definately would take some re-learning for me.

    Hope you enjoy you day tomorrow.

  2. Rain at last! It seems like the clouds have broken everywhere. However needed the rain is, I wish you fair weather for the tournament!