Monday, 9 February 2009

I'm a Big Dog, I Am.

On Saturday evening Misty came down to me whilst The Family went walkabouts. Now, whilst I love animals I'm not known as a great lover of domestic pets. Which is rather odd because I love Briagha (Pat and Dave's dog - and I'd say I did even if I didn't 'cos Pat wouldn't forgive me otherwise) and I was even getting attached to Misha before I left my Island home. And I absolutely loved BP (the cat I inherited on Lewis years ago and who died in my arms in 2005) who seemed to think he was a doat (a cat with the loving nature of a dog). So an evening spent with a happy, tiny bundle of fluff who seemed to enjoy my company was a good experience. But my lifestyle in two countries just wouldn't suit keeping a domestice pet even if I became a convert.
I'm a BIG dog (well, bitchlet, actually)

Hello. What do you want?

Who brought all these?

Oh the choice!

I think I'll have a chew on this one

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  1. She's adorable. I actually saw a little one like this on a man's lap at a stop light yesterday morning; peeking out the window at us :o).