Friday, 27 February 2009

Off to The Nationals

Six of us from the Croquet Club are setting sail for Wanganui today to play in The Golf Croquet Nationals. As usual when we go on the rampage, er, for a croquet trip away, Collen and I will be travelling in Jayne's Lucy. Jayne's sister will who returns to England in a few days, will be with us too. I can feel a fun week coming on.

One of the advantages of having mobile broadband is that I can blog wherever I can get a signal and as we are staying with a friend where I have stayed before I know that I can get a signal. So time and tiredness permitting the blog will continue if slightly abated.

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  1. I miss New Zealand :(. Was living there for 4 years. 2 years in Dunedin and 2 years in Palmerston North. Your photos transported me back to the beautiful memories I had there. Thank You!:)