Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Its Different This Morning

The orchard outside my Cottage is nearing harvest

When I stuck my nose out of the doors this morning and slid them open to let in the world, I was conscious that things were not as they had been for a while. I just couldn't put my finger on why. The sun was shining again after a night of very heavy rain which started late afternoon. I was thinking that the farmers varied in their views on rain at this time of year. The orchardists don't want it because it reduces the sweetness of the apples and, I think, it's the same for the vignerons. The sheep and dairy farmers will be giving thanks.

However, I digress. Things seemed different. The temperature rose to 24 when it suddenly occured to me that it felt slightly chilly for 24 degrees. And then I realised. Hawkes Bay is not usually humid. But for the last few weeks we have been having unusually high humidity for the area. Today the humidity hsa gone and the air has its usual crisp warmth again. Wonderful.


  1. Just found your blog. I'm a Kiwi living in Nottingham UK. I'll be popping back ofr a return visit to see how you are getting on in "God's Own Country", Kia Ora Margaret

  2. That orchard looks scrumptious - I dream of having a very small (for personal use) orchard, to string a hammock amongst the trees and scrump for apples occasionally...