Monday, 2 February 2009

A Fire at Mahia

As you know I'm in Gisborne with Mike and Sandra at the moment. Yesterday it was 35 deg and this morning it's dull and 20 deg. That's New Zealand for you.

Yesterday when we were playing croquet the fire engines were out in force. We later discovered that there was a huge fire at Mahia to the South which is one of the most attractive holiday beach areas for kiwis and tourists. I'd driven past the area yesterday morning.

This morning it is still burning. Firefighters say the fire is threatening more properties as they battle to bring it under control. Three properties have been lost already, and some 50 farm houses and baches in the area have been evacuated. More than 170 people have taken refuge at a nearby school. The fire has involved up to 1,000 acres of land and there is now concern a change in the wind could force the fire back towards homes. Around 600 firefighters, as well as eight helicopters, are fighting the fire.


  1. Yes, the fire is dreadful, can't think of much worse than having your precious home destroyed more or less in front of your eyes, prayers for a safe return for all concerned.

  2. I am lifting up all involved to our Father in Heaven right now, GB. May you all be safe and those who have already lost their homes find a better future awaiting them.

    This is good that you've posted such a heart wrenching fire, many of us will now be aware and able to be praying for.

  3. Ironic that Cowgirl mentioned the ever present fear of bush fires in Australia yesterday and now there is one on N Island. I had never associated them with NZ before.