Saturday, 21 February 2009

The Crystal Serenity Enters Port at Napier

It was a dark, wet and windy day over most of New Zealand today and Napier did not pull off its usual trick and miss the bad weather. The cruies liner Crystal Serenity came into Port bearing Kate, Pat and Dave's daughter, The above is the sequence I shot from the top of Bluff Hill overlooking the Port and the following is the sequence from the webcam on the bridge of the ship looking forward.


  1. Thank you so much Graham. It was lovely seeing the Serenity, knowing that Kate was on board and that she was about to meet up with you. I am sure you fed her very well!! She remembers the last time she ate with you in New Zealand!

  2. Those things look awfully top heavy to me. Pat, can you ask Dave if they have big lead weights underneath to keep them upright?