Friday, 27 February 2009

Croquet is for Genteel Ladies

It seems to be a view that croquet is for genteel old ladies and people in Alice in Wonderland. Nothing could actually be further from the reality. However instead of being on the lawns preparing for The Nationals which start in Wanganui on Saturday and in which I am playing, I was helping to build a soil store today. "Just helping to put in a few posts" was what was mentioned. Yeah right. Six solid hours (excluding coffee stops) of hard manual labour later I had to leave for "granddad duties". In that six hours we had bored post holes, put in and backfilled the posts and dug a trench. Genteel is not an adjective I would have used to describe the perspiring bodies that completed that task. But boy did I feel good after that physical labour. I'm almost sad to be missing the rest of the work to finish the store.

The bare site marked out and ready to start

Boring the holes was nowhere near as easy as it looks as two of us battle with the borer

Resting on laurels (or spades)

As far as we got before I left (the trench on the right is mine, all mine!!)


  1. Bore? You? Surely not.

    There's nothing quite like a bit of manly cement mixing, is there? Well, yes there are several things, I suppose.

  2. Can you see what it is yet?

    A soil store? Is that not just 'the ground' ?