Monday, 2 February 2009

Croquet in Gisborne

Yesterday (Sunday) I arived in Gisborne. After a quick lunch I found myself on the croquet lawns. They turned out to be 'interesting' lawns and I was struggling. I decided that the only solution was to alter my game. So I did. What a difference. When Mike and I arrived home last night I kept wondering if it was a fluke. Today I had four games against Mike. I used the new stroke and made almost every hoop I attempted. The fact that Mike managed to beat me in all four games was a reflection of his inspired play rather than of my failings. I was well pleased.

OK so that was the boring bit. But you, dear reader (or readers if, by any chance there is more than one of you) are really interested in the fact that the Clubhouse is one of the many buildings in New Zealand adorned with paintings by a local artist.

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  1. How do we get the UK to adopt painted buildings? I think they're great.