Wednesday, 7 January 2009

What is worth your time?

"There have been a few times when someone or other said something that brought me to the conclusion that what I do at the computer is of no worth, like it's a waste of time. They can find much more realistic and usable ways of spending their time."

My brother, CJ, follows many blogs and writes very interesting ones as well. In fact I'd feel really devastated if , all of a sudden, his blogs disappeared. His blogs and emails are my main point of contact with him whilst I'm on the other side of the world. In fact they are my only means of contact given that he would never speak on the 'phone - something I do with other friends (sic - my brother is one of my very best friends) frequently and at length. As a result of that Simply Heather commented on one of my postings recently and I, in return, visited her blog. The quote at the start of this posting is from her posting What is Worth Your Time?

This blog tends to be more of a diary than anything more serious and I rarely comment on anything but the fact that Simply Heather feels that someone is suggesting that she is 'wasting' her time blogging or being 'on the computer' is an affront upon which I feel the need to comment and the 'comments' at the end of her posting really doesn't leave me enough space or freedom. Most of us receive comments from time to time on how we spend our life.

I iron my sheets. In fact I iron most of my washing including my tea-towels (but, for the record, not socks nor underpants!). Many people tell me that life's too short to iron (implying that I should have better things to do with my time). I don't sweat the small stuff. And almost everything is small stuff. People telling you how to lead your life or spend your time is, however, not small stuff. My time is very valuable to me because I have so very much I want to do and so very little time in which to do it (ok I have more than most because I don't need much sleep but that's still not enough). One of the things that gives me joy is nice cool crisp sheets and crisp shirts. So I iron. And it's not a chore. I don't expect others to iron nor do I expect them to tell me that I shouldn't. This is, though, I admit a minor matter compared with many others.

How a person spends their time, provided that it is not in a way which inconveniences or is inconsiderate to others is up to that person. Just as a person has the right to their own beliefs provided that they don't impinge on the rights or beliefs of others. I could go on....and on.... But I won't 'cos I'm sure that any reader of this will, by now, have got the drift.

So, Simply Heather, when anyone says you are wasting time on the computer be assured that, if you think you are not then you are not. I'm sure that, with your smile, you'll find the right words and that they'll get the message. And all your fellow bloggers will be agreeing with you.


  1. I was pretty sure that you were the big brother ;o). The both of you have been put into my life for a reason, I feel this so surely within myself. Even I cannot explain it, but it is there.

    Your writing here has poured tears from my eyes (big ones, rolling down) but they are tears of appreciation and understanding. I have such difficulty being one that is able to understand these things, but not being understood myself and to hear words of understanding (or read them) comforts me.

    I'm not a highly sensitive (oh, well maybe), greatly emotional (well, maybe that too), or easily offended (???) type of person. Obviously there are parts of me that hold great and magnificent strength, right? There are also weaker parts...almost like contrasting abilities. Sometimes, I whirl in dizzying thoughts ;o) hahaha.

    I love that you iron everything (but your underpants...hahaha), just becuase you do enjoy it and the result brings you comfort. I love that you have the strength to care not what others have to say about it.

    Every word you wrote needed to be said, not just for me either. I know a few others who would appreciate reading this post.

    Just as you said that Scriptor writes what he might not say, that is me. The comfort of me having conversation is not nearly the same as writing my feelings out. It's just not; this is something I've never understood about myself but have found contentment with.

    Some cannot write their feelings and can only blurt them out. These are many in my life and I'm affected by their own lack of processing first...aaaggghhh (hahaha).

    Many...I won't name them though. You'd think I'd have been seasoned enough already but it's not me.

    Even when I was a little girl, I'd run to my room upset with my mom and write her notes to tell her how I felt (she called them "nasty notes" hahaha). I couldn't explain myself verbally. As a teenager, friends and boys didn't get it. They thought I wasn't sincere because I wrote how I felt in letters, rather than speaking it.

    I need processing time. I have been made aware of meaningless words and how they can harm one's spirit. I don't want to do that to anyone, apparently I can't so much because I'm not very good at the blurting ;o) and when I do, it usually makes no sense to anyone....hahaha.

    Okay, now a simple statement with so much heart involved....

    thank you.

    ♥ Heather

  2. Hey. So glad. That was some quick response! Well it's 0130 in New Zealand so I'm off to my bed (in cool ironed sheets!). Take care.

  3. Heather is sensitive, emotional and easily offended. Oh dear. Just as well Graham is not the last of those, otherwise I'd be looking for him on Friends Reunited. I, of course, am all of the above - particularly sensitive.