Thursday, 22 January 2009

A Victim of The Bug Man

The spraying of The Cottage by The Bug Man has been wonderfully effective in preventing the spiders, cockroaches and many other bugs from living in with me. The downside is that many innocent moths and unidentified insects also die. So far nothing apart from the seriously unwelcome have been left on the deck in the morning by the scavenging birds. Yesterday the above was on the deck and presumably not thought to be a tasty morsel by anyone. I may have seen one before but am not sure. CJ may remember because I would certainly have asked/told him depending on the state of my knowledge. I cannot find it in my Insects of New Zealand but have a sneaking feeling that I decided last time that it might have been an Ichneumonid Wasp and CJ agreed. Am I correct or am I dreaming?


  1. I would say it looks like the rest of the Ichneumoid Wasps that I found googling around ;o) AND I certainly wouldn't think it to be a tasty morsel either.

    It's funny how a yucky little bug ingnited my attention this morning.

    Smiles to your day...oh, and have a great time at the tournament (I'm sure you will).

  2. If it's a wasp, it's a bad thing. Whatever Latin name it has. Wasps = stings (almost universally) = kill it. If it looks like a wasp, even in Latin. Kill it. I don't like wasps.

  3. To think I don't like the look of them in this country.....