Monday, 12 January 2009

A Tribute Concert

On Saturday we went to a Tribute Concert for Billy Joel and Freddie Mercury at the Askerne Winery. The acts had received acclaim in the press here and were excellent. My catholic music tastes extend very much to the music of Queen and not only was the artist a very good representation vocally of Freddie Mercury but he was very adept at getting in amongst the audience and getting them going. Yes it was well worth the suffering.

The suffering? The wind and the cold. The day until about 1500 had been very warm - about 30 degrees at The Cottage. The concert started at 1630 and by the time we were in our place the wind had got up and the temperature had dropped to under 20 - with wind-chill factor probably around 17. Anyway it was COLD. To those of you who would remind me that there is no such thing as the wrong weather only the wrong clothes, I would say in our defence that such a drop in temperature after days of heat, is very unusual and few were prepared for the change.

Our pitch, Catriona sheltering from the cold,
Ben, a friend, finding the inevitable computer game more interesting.

Well, it is Queen isn't it?


  1. Who is that famous person next to Freddie Mercury?

  2. I was struck by the lookalike next to the famous person next to Freddie Mercury.