Friday, 16 January 2009

The Princess and the Pea

If you are going to spill rice pray that there is an open drawer just below. It is quite astonishing how a small quantity of rice turns into a huge quantity when it hits the kitchen floor.

Fortunately only a tiny amount actually reached the floor. Of course I was in the middle of cooking a meal. That's just the time one is using rice after all. Anyway it didn't take that long to clear it off the floor. The rice in the drawer waited until after dinner. However I discovered something. The chances of getting every grain of rice up first time is small. In New Zealand most of my friends do not wear shoes in the house. Have you ever trodden on a grain of rice in bare feet? You wouldn't feel it would you? Wrong. I now understand the significance of the story of the Princess and the Pea.


  1. I suspect the grains are like Christmas tree needles (not that you would know about them) and no matter how many times you clean up you will keep on finding them for months to come.

  2. Oh my - yes, indeed, rice finds ways of hiding and surprising our feet with picks and pokes. When my oldest was just a wee one (1 1/2 yr.??) - I plopped him in the middle of the kitchen floor with loads of rice and some dump trucks. He loved the ability to make a mess...and a mess it was.

    How convenient to have the drawer open when you did ;o).

    Oh and by the way...I added myself as a follower here, if that be alright with you? I also checked out some of your albums on picasa - white water rafting?? Looks pretty adventurous to me. I wonder if my sense of that adventure will return when my littlest guy is grown? Hmmm...we shall see some day.