Friday, 30 January 2009

The Perfect Morning?

I woke at 0614 (as I have said many times I regard that as a wonderful start to the day) and rose within 30 seconds. I had a long and busy day ahead. Busy is a relative term. Many would regard the day of leisure and pleasure that I was about to have as anything but 'busy'. By 0850 I had completed my morning routine and was on the way to the Doc's to see about my blood pressure.

Here in New Zealand the drugs used in heart treatment (perhaps other treatments too) are quite different from those I have been prescribed in the UK. My Doc here, who has worked in the UK, regards some of the drugs I am prescribed as antiquated and some are just no longer available in this Country having been overtaken by (I am told) more effective drugs. The drugs I've been prescribed in the UK are the same ones I was prescribed when I had my heart attack 8 years ago and have never altered presumably on the 'if it ain't broke don't mend it' principle.

Anyway the point of that is that I happened en passent to mention my nightmares as a possible cause of my morning high blood pressure. Apparently they are not. However nightmares are a common symptom of one of my heart drugs. So that has been changed. It will be interesting to see if the nightmares cease.

After the appointment I wandered into the Taradale high street and got my prescription and moseyed around the book shop and found a title I rather fancied. Now there was a time when I could not have resisted buying the book. However I have realised that when I do that more often than not I store the book and end up not reading it on the grounds that I can do so at any time if I wish. Silly or what?

I then drove down to Napier in the blazing sun - what a fabulous day for a gentle drive with the lid down. Got a few odds and ends and found that the book I'd been looking at was available in the Library. I've started it already over a cappuccino in the sun in a pavement café.

Home and put the washing on the line under a sky with only the wispiest of clouds visible through 360 degrees. It could be very hot today because there is only the smallest of breezes.

And it's only 1030. The rest of the day is family time. It's the last day of the summer holidays. The plan is to take the children for lunch with a friend who also has family to look after, visit the crazy golf, perhaps Laser Force (June and I can 'escape' for coffee) and then to the beach outside June's house. I've got the family for dinner.

Yes. Life in New Zealand doesn't get much better. Well, hmmm, perhaps when I'm on the croquet lawn .....


  1. Fancy sticking a bar code on the front cover of the book. Do they not realise that the cover is an integral part of any book? To use my word verification word -
    it make me quite haumpothed!

  2. Dear Viewfromtheisland,

    Yes, it is grey and a tad chilly today but as Graham would say "play the glad game". The sunrise across the Minch yesterday was blinding and - what about all those "just perfect" days that we have had recently? Give me, a born and bred southerner, the Isle of Lewis anytime.