Wednesday, 28 January 2009

On Reflection

It is already three days since Sunday. Time to have let the mind settle. Time to be thankful. On Sunday when I was in Wanganui playing in a Croquet Tournament The Family and other families with whom they are friends were at Waimarama Beach to the South of Hastings. The beach is a favourite for family days out. There was an events day on the beach. which was, consequently, crowded. Later in the afternoon when the children had been playing in the surf for quite a while, one of the children got out of his depth and into danger. Martin went in to save him and got him out of the water but was then left without a body board and the waves suddenly became large and a severe rip started. Martin was dragged out into the waves. Although a strong swimmer he was, by this time, tired and, with no body board, was in difficulty: very severe difficulty. The lifeguards were too far away and, despite everyone on the beach waving they and their three rescue boats remained at station. Fortunately a former lifeguard and another strong swimmer went in and, eventually, brought themselves and Martin out.

This blog isn't the place to analyse what went wrong. Suffice to say lessons have been learned. Whilst the trauma will not be forgotten life will return to normal.

I wasn't there but every time I think about it my blood runs cold.

If ever there was a time to be thankful this is it.


  1. Ouch, what an experience for you all, espceially those who witnessed it. Makes my phobia about water seem almost sensible.

  2. It must have been very stressful to witness. It's very fortunate that everyone came out fine.