Thursday, 15 January 2009

McCauley's Store & Café, Otane.

The main street of Otane - wider than the State Highway off which it runs

McCauley's Store & Cafe with The Handbag outside

One of the many things (in addition to public loos) that New Zealand does very well is cafés. Yesterday I went to Otane to a maker of croquet mallets (of which more in a later posting). In the main street (Higginson Street - to me a seemingly unlikely name for a one street town in rural New Zealand) is McCauley's Store & Café. I had the best Americano coffee that I can recall having. I also finished the crossword whilst I was having it but I'm sure that didn't influence my view. There were actually quite a few other customers although I managed to avoid them when taking photos. I do, however, wish that my Brother had been there to do the crossword with me and enjoy the ambience.

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  1. Praise indeed for the Americano coffee if it beats the cafe in Civray which definitely served the best!