Thursday, 29 January 2009

Is There Anyone Out There?

No this is not a posting on the wonderings about possible life on Mars. It is much closer to home. Seven hours ago I swtiched off Palin (my travelling Laptop for those who don't yet know), did some odds and ends and went to bed. My head must have hit the pillow for that was where it was when I woke this morning. I don't recall it though. The dreams were simply night ponies. I can live with that. The stallions seem to have roamed to another prairie for a while.

I've just been through my usual routine: wake, arise, switch on kettle then Palin, ablute, type in password, make green tea (with jasmine today), drink glass of hot water, settle in front of Palin and see what the world has been doing while I was in another place.

Today's answer appeared to be 'nothing'. For the first time I can remember there was not a single personal email and no blogs from the family nor friends nor ones that I follow daily had been altered.

I repeat: is there anyone out there?


  1. Sorry, sorry, sorry. I know - I did say when we spoke the other day that I would do better. I will, I promise and I have emailed too!!!!

  2. *crickets chirp*

    You know, with a radio setup and a really big antenna you can hear the echoes of the Big Bang.

    I promise to update my blog really soon.

  3. Hi there. Yes,sure in another part of the southern hemisphere, where in midsummer it's cold and rining hard for the second straight day (it's all them satellites in the sky, I tell ya!). No emails this morning either, just picking up some bloges befroe washing and making breakfast. Both your homes are on my list of 'nicest places', been to the west highlands, Argyllshire and Mull in 1960's, and last year to New Zealand, which I loved, despite the freezing weather in Fiordland and other points south! I'm coming again in April, I'll be seeing Auckland and North Island this time. The geothermal wonders of Rotorua await..... Ciao.

  4. I am SO laughing. I was out driving the school bus ALL day yesterday...yes, all day. There was a winter carnival on one of our local sledding mountains and the entire grade school full of children went over there yesterday. I was carrying the grades of children back and forth all was fun though. My little man and I played in the snow too. He slid down the hill and had a blast of a time. He also slammed his little eyes shut before the day was done ;o) was a good, tiring day.

    Today...I've spent time with him while I've caught up with the house work. I have discovered that he LOVES doing dishes...I will definately have to encourage this.

    Smiles to you. Your brother cracks me up with his comments.