Friday, 9 January 2009

I Lost My Identity

My blog identity disappeared! I looked at my blog this morning and something struck me as not quite right. Then I went to make a comment on a blog entry and discovered that I had no identity. I was signed in but my name was ******. This struck me as odd because my name is Graham and not ******. "Ah well" I thought "that's OK. I'll just go into my settings and re-name myself". Ah but it were to be that easy.

I generally use Mozilla Firefox as my browser for these blogs but, because I have a number of different blog identities for different blogs and one can only sign in with one identity at a time, I also use Google Chrome (I am a great fan of Chrome) and Safari. For some reason Internet Explorer and my computer have never seen eye to eye so I rarely use it and if I do I can expect that at some time my Computer will freeze and that's irritating 'cos it's time consuming.

Unfortunately I often have problems with Firefox and Blogger. Today was an example. It woild not allow me to re-enter my identity and save it. I could re-enter. But when I saved it reverted to ******. So I went to Chrome and re-identified myself no bother.

But how, I asked myself, did my identity disappear in the first place? I suppose that, as with the theft of my Amex identity recently, I'll just never know.

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  1. Dear ****** (or should that be *****),
    Kind Regards,