Monday, 19 January 2009

The Hurricane Has Passed

Well the weather reports which said that the wind had reached less than expected seem to have been somewhat misleading. According to View From The Island's posting The Morning After the winds reached 113mph (182 kph) which, though less than 2005, is still rather more than a stiff breeze. First reports of loss of tiles on the house were unfounded and the house seems to have escaped unscathed. Oddly the garage window blew in. The kindness of neighbours, however, meant that by the morning's end the window had been made weatherproof and will await my return. I am such a fortunate person to have the neighbours and friends that I do.


  1. Just to correct one sentence. The garage window was not blown in but was sucked out! Why should this happen?

  2. The wind came from a side of the garage away from the window causing negative air pressure (a vacuum) pulling the window into it. Glass is put into a window with the putty (this is an old window) on the outside. Pressure on the window would have pressed the glass against the frame. Negative pressure pulled it out which was easier. And if that's not the correct answer I'm sure that someone will tell me/us.