Saturday, 3 January 2009

Humming and Buzzing in Waipawa

I felt a curious heaviness this morning. I can't explain these feelings when they overtake me. It's like a great black weight decends. Why? I have no worries. I have the perfect life. I have really dear friends. So why should I suddenly feel so dreadfully unhappy?

Wendy and the children were out for the morning with friends so I was not needed and there was no croquet today so I had nothing to distract me. So I just got into the car and drove South. The air was hot and an empty, windy State Highway 50 was just perfect for my car. So I drove to Waipawa via Ongaonga (which I shall re-visit some day and blog about ); a round trip of about 170 k. One of the things about New Zealand is that when you start on a journey you either finish it or retrace your steps. Unlike the UK there are few short cuts and rambles down country lanes to another route. Mind you in Australia when we drove North from Perth we travelled hundreds of kilometres without a bend in the road never mind an alternative route.

Waipawa is a tiny town and was obviously not expecting an onslaught of visitors today despite being one of the few watering holes on State Highway 2 (the main route South to Wellington from Napier/Hastings). Skinny Mulligans (a large pub usually serving good food) had closed its kitchen for the holiday and the Flying Pig Café had one person working and a lot of customers ('sorry it'll be a long time before I can serve anyone else'). The fish and chip shop café was however very obliging and I had an excellent cheese and onion sandwich and a pot of tea for $9 (£3.50).

All that might explain why there is no hum and buzz at the café of that name:


  1. The Black Dog in Paradise? That's not on really.

  2. Strange that the him 'n' buzz cafe didn't succeed, given the volume of passing traffic.