Tuesday, 20 January 2009

A Diplomat In The Making

Today was a family day. A lovely day. Wendy had to go to the practice and I looked after the children for the day. Well, not after the oldest; he was staying with a friend. The morning was quiet and I did odds and ends at The House and had Palin with me too. Noon and we were at the School for swimming lessons. Lunch at McDonalds in Taradale. Until I came to New Zealand I'd only (so far as I can remember) been in a McDonalds twice: in Perth in Western Australia and in London (though why I was in the latter I can't recall). I was pretty sniffy about McDonalds to be honest. Now I regard McDonalds as a blessing (so to speak). The children love it, the food is actually not that bad and it's quite quick and inexpensive. But best of all is their ice cream. That will be the subject of another posting, I'm sure.

Anyway the question in my mind was what to do for the afternoon. Suggestions of a playpark were not exactly met with universal joy and rapture. During the children's after lunch session in the McDonalds playroon (another thing that they do well) Fraser (aged 10) came back to the table (where I was doing a crossword with my coffee). I asked him what he thought we should do for the afternoon. He gave me options; with costs! So when the three were ready to go I suggested that we go to United Video and the two older boys choose a game and Catriona choose a DVD. "That's a good idea." said Fraser. Well if he doesn't become a national gymnast then I can think of an alternative career.

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