Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Christmas Decorations

This was my concession to decorating for Christmas. Not that, to be honest, they were very effective because this is midsummer and the evenings are light and I live in one of the sunniest spots in New Zealand. Unlike my dear Brother I have never been a lover of Christmas decorations. A very dear friend once suggested that when she brought the children round at Christmas it would be a good idea if I had a tree. I always take a mere suggestion from this particular friend to be something that I really should do. So I scrambled around in the loft and found the tree and the decorations and the lights and set the whole thing up. I even used two sets of lights. Half an hour before they were due the first set failed and just before the arrival the second one went too. I did have a photo as proof but it wasn't quite the same. The tree has since been consigned to the great cemetery for dead Christmas Trees and I really can't see me ever getting another one.

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  1. And my 'Bah Humbug' Award for Christmas 2008 goes to 'A Hebridean in New Zealand'....

    It's a good job we get on so well or he might be offended. No, on second thoughts, he might take it as a compliment!