Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Some Changes

I'm hoping that one or two changes that I shall make to the layout of the Blog will meet with approval. I haven't decided what they will all be as yet but I've started with a clock to remind me and those of my readers in the UK and New Zealand of the time difference. I've also added a thought at the top of the left-hand side. It's not intended to be a changing thought for the day but a permanent reminder of just how near we are. I propose to keep the number of postings per visible page fairly small because I and some of my readers will not be on broadband.

The blog is set to New Zealand time and the times of posting shown will, therefore, be New Zealand time. Just think, I have written this post in the UK today and already published it tomorrow! Cool.

Twentyeight Sleeps

I have 28 sleeps before I leave Lewis to return to The Cottage and that part of my life which I lead in Napier. It was a significant enough thought in my mind for me to write a posting on Eagleton Notes. It also reminded me that I should start on this Blog in preparation for my arrival. So here I am, starting it. I think it'll be pretty much the same as it was before although I do wonder how I will find new things to blog about. So I suspect that there will be duplications: possibly many. I will certainly have forgotten things and I'm not sure that I will always check them out to see if I am repeating myself. Sometimes I will hope that the photo I've just taken is a better one than I took last time - we all hope for that, of course. But although the primary purpose of my blogs is communication, it's also a sort of diary. It's lovely to look back and see what I did and how much I've forgotten that I did! So I hope that you'll join me and I hope that you won't be bored.