Monday, 3 September 2012

Happy Anniversary and Plus ça Change

Five years ago today this blog was born: two years after I first went to New Zealand.  I say 'went' instead of 'came' because at this moment I am not in New Zealand.  Nor, in fact, am I in my 'other' home of Scotland.  I am hidden away in the Italian Tuscan countryside.  It is a Sunday morning and all's quiet, very quiet.

I was wondering how to commemorate the day.  I could search for my favourite posts or photos or a summary of some sort.  I even contemplated writing about why I love New Zealand and my life there.  I've decided, though, just to seize the moment and post a few ordinary reminders of my life in New Zealand.

Blogging has become such an important part of my life and, through blogging and particularly in New Zealand, I have made some truly wonderful friends.  I won't use the word 'real' because some of my blog friends are as real to me as those I meet face to face.

Most of my reminders are to do with thoughts of my friends and my special New Zealand family but there are some other reminders:

The hills of Hawkes Bay

A picture of a Kingfisher in pastel which hangs in my study by Catriona aged 9

Some of the things which make The Cottage my home

The Cottage

And, of course, croquet