Friday, 14 October 2011

Drawing Near

It's Friday.  It's the 14th October 2011.  It's raining.    I'm sitting in the kitchen looking out over the bay but in fact I can hardly see across the it for the mist and rain.  I have 23 sleeps before I'm back in my New Zealand home with my New Zealand family and my New Zealand life.  It seems such a long time.   At moments like this it can't come soon enough and yet.......

........and yet I still have so much to do here in Eagleton.  I only have 19 sleeps before I leave. It seems such a short time.

Therein lies a puzzle of my life.

My life never seems to be quite started nor quite finished with the tasks in hand.  I never seem to quite catch up with my croquet world (having missed various important club competitions already this year) and yet I still haven't managed to paint the bathroom ceiling in Eagleton (despite getting everything out and ready back in May).

But wotthehellarchiewotthehell it's a great life and I hope that I'll be living it for a long time yet.

I'll be seeing you soon New Zealand.

PS Don't forget to win the Rugby World Cup whilst I'm away.  I'll be watching the match in the comfort of my Eagleton home but my heart will be in New Zealand.


  1. I hope your summer in New Zealand is is a bit brighter and warmerthan the one the UK gave you.

  2. Thanks CJ. That would be good.

  3. Wow, not long to go now. Warming up here a bit now. x

  4. Oops. Took me a week and a day to discover this post. Not easy to keep track when you go off migrating ahead of yourself! ;)

    I only live in one place and still I never seem to quite catch up with myself. Actually I can't really think of anyone I know who does. Probably all part of the great puzzle of life itself.