Thursday, 3 February 2011

Thankful Thursday

My reminder function on my cellphone went off at 0800 this morning.  Eh?  It's Thursday.  It's Thursday?  It can't be.  Yesterday was Monday, surely.  No.  Monday was, actually, an almost normal day.  On Tuesday I drove from home to Katikati.  It was a lovely four hour drive in the hot sun with the lid off.  Yesterday was Wednesday and we played croquet.  Today is Thankful Thursday.

I'm really thankful this week for the latest news on Jaz and her family and for Mark's Thankful Thursday blog posting.  Given what the news was like after her operation the progress seems quite remarkable.

I'm also thankful that things are going really well at the moment for Friend Who Knows Too Much.  Promising career opportunities could not come to a more deserving person.

Tonight in the motel it is hot and rather more humid than I'm used to in Hawkes Bay.  After a full day in the open air playing croquet I'm tired and will hopefully sleep soundly.  Although some of the others will have to be up at 0545 I don't have to get up until 0615!  I'm just thankful that we are not experiencing all the snow-storms my North American friends are going through in the East and Mid-West and what is thought to be the worst cyclone ever to have hit the Country people in Australia's Queensland are going through with.  (Sorry about the sentence construction!).    

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  1. Be thankful for the "hot and humid" my friend. Here, as you will read in my email it is blowing a hooley - gusts of 90mph forecast for the Isle of Lewis tonight and that, after winds of 77mph all day - sleeting, hailing and everything else the weather can throw at us. So tiring listening to all that weather.

    You can never get bored on Lewis! xxxx