Friday, 11 February 2011

Miranda: The Birds

We all arrived at Miranda and, as it was high tide on the Firth of Thames we went straight to the Miranda Shorebird Centre's hide at the edge of the intertidal area.  This is the time when the shorebirds feed and rest nearest to the shore and where they can best be observed.  Having said that they were still a fair distance away and despite the 20x zoom (equivalent to a 660mm lens) on my camera the results leave a lot to be desired. 

Oystercatchers and Godwits resting
Wrybill and feeding Pied Stilt
Pied Stilt and Welcome Swallows
Welcome Swallow in flight - I've tried for 6 years to capture Swallows in flight
Pied Stilt
Pied Stilts
Wrybills in flight
Resting Godwits (note one to right of centre front in rufous phase
Godwits (note one to left of centre front in rufous phase) and a few gulls (taken through a telescope)


  1. You have reason to be very proud. Never would I have deemed it possible to capture a Swallow in flight. Certainly not a recognisable one. This is a superb venue for a day or even a week. Brilliant. Word verification is wingnesh.

  2. Looks wet! ;)
    Must have been an impressive sight - and sound - with all those birds all at once. I wouldn't recognize any of them. The swallow is the only one whose name I know in either language.


    Godwits are seen as very important down here! Almost time for them to leave... Which I guess means you will leave too :( the end of summer ! Noooooooo

    Great sparrow shot.

  4. These are great! Didn't you do well?

  5. They are all so delightful, Graham...especially to a girl that see's no open water in sight, only white {and dirt covered} mounds.

    Your first one shines at me, I can almost feel the sun ;)

  6. Great shots, GB. Look at that swallow in flight!!
    Next time I go looking for that place I WILL find it!

  7. As a regular visitor to the Highlands, the Firth of Forth comment confused me.... Which country are we in for this? A quick check of Miranda reassured me we were still in Godzone :)

  8. Fi. That'll be a huge 'oops' then. I've corrected it. I spend time on the Firth of Forth (and on a lot of other Firths for that matter) so my sub-conscious or what passes for my brain obviously had a brain-fart. Thanks a lot for pointing it out.