Sunday, 13 February 2011

Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, CBE

It's a beautiful morning with not a cloud in the sky nor a care in the world (well perhaps that's a bit of an exaggeration).  The cicadas are making their usual din and the Fantails are tweeting merrily in the trees adjacent to The Cottage.  Two lots of washing are drying - perhaps even dry by now -  and I've spent most of the morning on the phone and computer catching up with the parts of the world I inhabit.

I woke up early when Mike got up to get ready for the second day of the tournament he's playing in.   Given that I'd got to bed at 0130 after the Mission Concert,  surprisingly I don't even feel tired today.

The Mission Concert is one of the events in Hawkes Bay each year with the 25,000 tickets being sold almost as soon as they are released.  I have no idea how much money it brings into the community here but given that even a basic ticket costs (so I was told) $120 it makes the Winery the odd bob or two after all the wine has been sold as well.  Friends let their house at $1000 a night and moved out for a couple of nights.

My night out (from 1530 to 0030!) was a Christmas present from The Family.  It was the whole works with everything from champagne, the meal, priority seating, and after-concert hospitality all included in the ticket.  It was the sort of thing upon which, even for all that hospitality and Sting and the New Zealand Philharmonic Orchestra, I could never have spent that sort of money.  It was a wonderful experience with Martin and Wendy and a group of friends I don't see often enough.  I may never go again but I will certainly never forget last night.

24601 with better perks
Drinks and canapés on the terrace
We know where you're going!  Why can't ladies go without a companion?
Settling in
Eats and drinks
Our own 'glasss' to take to the seats
Some of the 25,000
Just couldn't resist

Even sting needs support
And whilst everyone queues to escape....
...we retire to finish dinner.


  1. This is a brilliant set. Your enjoyment shows in the pictures.

  2. Wonderful! I especially loved the blue light down the stem of your wineglass. But I couldn't quite hear Sting's voice..

  3. Luxury! What a wonderful experience. And I know the concert was great after seeing it.

  4. It seems you got perfect weather for the event and all! Glad you had a good time. The pictures are well chosen to give us a whiff of the atmosphere... only the actual music missing... ;)

  5. Graham, what a wonderful treat!!! I recognize, atleast, I think I do...that man. Is that "Sting"?? I can't remember his name...maybe, Gordon something? He is known as "Sting" in the U.S. {probably is there too}.

    This was fun to view your evening through your lens :)

  6. oh - see....I read the post three times and then finally found..."sting" :)

    I answered my own question.

  7. What a special evening for you, and an exceptional gift! You must have felt pampered and well taken care of.